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 Hi all,

Exciting news: As you probably know, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to play on one track of the new Jaco Pastorius Big Band Album "Word of Mouth Revisited" It was released on August 26th,2003 and is available world-wide. Each track features a different bassist.

In January, the band played at the winter NAMM show for an invited audience that was sponsored by Samson/Hartke. Jimmy Haslip was the featured bassist & sounded totally AWESOME. It was wonderful to hang out with him....also got to meet the great Will Lee!

The NAMM show was incredible. I got to see an amazing amount of music stuff. Pretty much a sensory overload!!...but I totally dug it! 

HeadsUp has posted video interviews on their web site that have the bassist's involved in this project (including me!) talking about the influence Jaco had on them.  (Link below)

The september 2003 issue of BASS PLAYER magazine has an article about the CD by Chris Jisi. I spoke to Chris to give my thoughts & info about the track I played on. VERY EXCITING FOR ME!!!!! Word has it that DownBeat & some other magazines will have reviews and articles about the CD.

The lastest issue of Bassist magazine has a review of the recording sessions of Word of Mouth Revisited & I met the author, Jeffrey Blount, at the NAMM show & he is a great writer & cool guy. Check out his work!

The JPBB will be in Reading , PA on March 13th. The featured bassist's will be Gerald Veasley, Victor Wooten & me! Check out the festival web site at:
http://www.berksjazzfest.com/  Then the following week, I will be in Winter Park FL with Ed Calle for a concert on 3/20 at the Winter Park Arts Festival. The next day, Ed & I will then be winging our way to Tokyo to play with the JPBB at the Tokyo Blue Note for 1 week. The featured bassist's on that gig will be Jimmy Haslip, Gerald Veasley, Victor Wooten & me!! Needless to say, I am pumped!!!! On 9/3/2003, I played on the Latin Grammys backing up Brazilian great Alexandre Piras and American Idol Kelly Clarkson. It turned out to be a very exciting event. I saw a video of the show & I was in a few camera shots. It was neat to play in front of 12,000 people at the American Airlines Arena and a world-wide TV audience. Kelly & Alexandre were great to work with & are aweome singers.

Eric Hansen's new CD that I played on has been released. He is a great flamenco/classical guitarist and composer. Please link to his website below to order the CD.  You won't be disappointed!! There are MP3's available to sample from his site also.

04/04/04 The trip to Japan was wonderful. It was a tremendous opportunity to get to hang out with & hear Jimmy Haslip, Victor Wooten & Gerald Veasley. They sounded awesome & are absolutely wonderful people! Working at the Blue Note Tokyo was a wonderful experience. The staff is tremendous. Thank you Shin & everyone else!!! The encore for each show featured 4 basses playing the Chicken & Wiggle Waggle! Just in case you don't believe me, I have proof on the following pages!  On the personal side, my wife & I had the chance to see the family she stayed with while she was an exchange student 30 years ago. Thanks so much to the Hata family for treating us like family. 08/05/04The JPBB was invited to play the North Sea Jazz Festival. I had an great time there. The audience was tremendous. Richard Bona was the featured bassist & SMOKED!! I got to play Liberty City with 2 basses & had a blast. We then went down to Brussels to play a outdoor jazz festival & the crowd was great.  The next JPBB gig will be in Boston on 9/25 at the Equinox Jazz Festival. There are more gigs in the works & I will try to update the site with info. Check out my good buddy Mickey Carroll's Mother J website down below. He has posted some new tunes on there. I am playing acoustic bass along with Mickey on Guitar & Paul Harris on keyboard. 

02/11/05 My wife & I went to see Bruce Hornsby & band at the Broward Center.....as usual they SMOKED!!!! also finally got to meet the great JV Collier. What an awesome player & person. We got to do a little hang on the bus before they left for orlando.

Bruce, Kathy & Patti: Thanks for the hospitality!!!!!!!


The new Jaco Pastorius Big Band CD has been completed and will be released on March 28, 2006.

For more details, please copy & paste this link into your browser:


Lots of guest artists & cool Jaco tunes!


Please check out my article in the march issue of Bass Player magazine. I wrote about the sessions for the new Jaco Big Band CD.

The JPBB will be returning to the Tokyo Blue Note from April 21 to April 26 then playing at Motion Blue Yokohama  on April 28.  I can't wait to return to Japan! 

09/09/06 I guess an update is better late than never!!

The Blue Note Tokyo gig went very well. As usual the audience was great & seemed to really dig the music. The band sounded really good and everybody seemed to have a good time. The onlt wierd happening was the 1st night in Tokyo, I woke up in the middle of the night to hear the walls creaking(poured concrete) and the bed shaking like it was jello(it wasn't) turns out we were treated to a nice sized earthquake!

My good friend Hirotaka gave me one of his basses that his company (Inner Wood, more info on the gear page) makes. I was totally surprised & very thankful to him and his wife for their hospitality. He also introduced me to Nathan East. Nathan was there with Bob James the night after we finished. Hirotaka & his wife took me out for an authentic japanese meal that was great......it is really funny that Hirotaka prefers big juicy hamburgers and steaks while I think I could be heathier eating japanese style food!

On Labor Day week-end, the JPBB played at the Detroit Jazz Festival. The guest artist was the great Will Lee. In preperation for the gig, we played the friday forum at the University of Miami. I had a great time getting to be so close to a living legend like Will. He is a super nice person and seemed to dig playing with the band. Hiram Bullock also played with us in Detroit. I think it was one of the better shows that the band has played. Will & Hiram gave a cool vibe to the band. 

Last night I performed with Alex Acuna & Justo Almario at Arturo Sandoval's club. It was great playing with them. They sounded really awesome & are very warm & kind people. That vibe really shows in there performance. The great Jim Gasior rounded out the quartet. Jim was smokin'!!