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This is the Jaco Pastorius Big Band at the Tokyo Blue Note 2004.

Each bassist played 2 to 3 tunes with the band each set and the finale was a 4 bass version of "The Chicken"

I played the bass line, Victor Wooten played rhythm, Jimmy Haslip comped & Gerald Veasley played lead. It was an AWESOME experience!

Gerald Veasley, Victor Wooten & me at Berks Jazz Festival

Tokyo Blue Note with my new Roscoe 6.

Richard Bona at rehearsal w/JPBB for the North Sea Festival

My Roscoe, Jimmy's Roscoe & Gerald's Ibanez....backstage at the Blue Note.

Bob Alberti, Patricia Cook, Me, & Mike Harvey.....very cool jazz gig.

Jaco Big Band, Hollywood, FL.

Sax section: Mike Brignola, Gary Keller, Billy Ross, Ed Calle

Keys: Mike Levine, Guitar: Randy Bernsen, Bass: Me, Drums: Mark Griffith

Blue Note Tokyo 2006

David,Randy,Me & Gerald

Hirotaka, Nathan East & Me

Randy Brecker & Me

Gerald,Randall Dollahon,Me & Jim Gasior

JPBB Motion Blue Yokahama

The Dream Musician booth at 2006 Summer NAMM

Will Lee with the JPBB at the University of Miami friday forum....mucho thanks to Whit Sidener for the photos!!!

Peter Cetera from a recent "un-plugged" concert with orchestra in Palm Beach

Larry Hartke at NAMM 08

Brian Bromberg at NAMM 08

Chad Wackerman and John Pena at La Ve Lee

David Garfield at Yamaha/NAMM 08

Hirotaka and David Garfield at La Ve Lee

Jamming with Hirotaka at the Roscoe booth NAMM 08. The bass I'm playing is the new Roscoe Century standard. VERY cool bass!!

Jazz Yatra. 2007 concert featuring the Perry Joslin Project

Jimmy Haslip backstage at the JPBB concert in Dec 07

Detroit Jazz Festival. JPBB with Hiram & Will.

Stage view after JPBB concert in Ft Lauderdale 12/07

Another stage view from the 12/07 concert. Randy Brecker, Ed Calle, Billy Ross.